In 2012 Italian born Andrea Di Fiore came to Australia to marry his Melbourne sweetheart, Camille. He had a dream to make gelato with truly exceptional flavour, so he came up with a unique way to use less sugar than the industry standard – making his gelato just sweet enough to allow all of the beautiful artisan flavours to shine. Pistacchio, chocolate, fruits, fresh jersey milk. Fresh coffee. The tastes of home.

With his life savings invested in a single gelato cart, Andy stood a few months later at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market. But with no connections young Andy and his shiny cart were plonked in a puddle beside the toilet and let’s just say – it didn’t go so well.

But fast forward 9 years and Andy has 10 beautiful vintage Sicilian-made gelato carts, a cannoli cart, and a boutique gelateria in Elwood with lines that flow out the door. It’s a family story, a story of struggle and persistence. A belief that the best gelato is also the simplest. The way it is at home. It’s our story and we can’t wait to share it with you.


It’s our passion for quality ingredients and Italian food that has set Biancolatte apart since 2012. While gelato has always been the heart of what we do, we enjoy extending our gelato menu in the style of many bars in Italy to include pastries like cannoli, our decadent Italian Hot Chocolate and more. 

We keep true to traditional recipes while our talented team of pastry chefs adapt these to suit the local conditions of our flour and the other ingredients.

We never cut corners on the ingredients and this is why you can taste the difference in everything we do. We care passionately about our food system and representing the Italian culture. 

We have a wonderful team that feel like family and we love welcoming you into our store and sharing our passion with you at so many fantastic events.


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