About Us


Who are we?

We, the founders of Bianco Latte, are the Di Fiore’s! We are Andrea Di Fiore, Camille Di Fiore, and little Jude Di Fiore.

Long before Jude came into the world, around the beginning of 2009, Andrea and I met in a small suburb of Milan called Castellanza. I was an international student and Andrea, who grew up in a neighbouring town, was finishing his Master degree at the same university. We met, realised we couldn’t live without each other, and the rest is history.

We settled in Melbourne and it wasn’t long before Andrea’s Italian pride reared its head one day in a local park as a local Ice Cream Van did his afternoon rounds. Hence, drastic measures were then taken to ensure that gelato one day could be enjoyed, as it should be in this portable setting. And so Melbourne’s first authentic gelato cart was born. We vowed to study hard, experiment frequently, and cut no corners so that we could produce Italy’s quality of gelato and sorbet for Melbourne, and allow this city to experience it’s undeniable quality from the most unique and fun mode of service, our gorgeous cart!

Camille Di Fiore

Our philosophy

We serve the highest quality of ice cream there is down under! We only use fresh and locally sourced products to make every single flavour/product. We do not use any nasty ingredients, nor preservatives or colouring. If we can’t make the flavour from fresh, seasonal ingredients, we simply don’t make it!

As gelato is our passion, we are always creating new and interesting flavours, which displays our creativity and keeps our customers on their toes!

We are always working on ways to better our product and service. We pay a large amount of attention to our customer base and understand what does and does not work with the particular clientele we are selling to.

Our gorgeous vintage Sicilian gelato cart is what inspired our business idea. We really wanted to be able to make traditional gelato and sorbet available in a portable setting, and the cart is the perfect vessel for it! The beauty of the cart does our high quality gelato the justice it deserves!