Naturally gelato is the answer for your dessert needs year round and THIS Easter we have created our very own range of delectable Easter treats!

Choose from the Toffee Vanilla Gelato Ball with a flowing chocolate centre, coated in Milk Choc crisp (think Golden Gaytime here), the Peanut Butter Gelato Ball with choc centre and choc chips (think Reece’s Pieces), and the Choc Coconut Tartufino (chocolate gelato, coated in dark chocolate and coconut).

The guy you have to thank for these delights comes from a small town in Sicily where desserts like this are a treasured part of life. We are lucky to have Ignazio creating all of our cakes and gelato delights – not to mention our cannoli (the best in town is feedback we welcome!)

And if THAT’S not enough, as always you can grab our classic tartufi – hazelnut gelato with a flowing chocolate centre, coated with cacao and an amarena cherry (the cherry is a must!)

Finally, Easter treats aside we wish you all – our wonderful Biancolatte community – a happy and safe Easter.

We thank you as always for supporting our local business.

Ciao and see you soon x