IT STARTED as a collaboration between two Italian boys – Andy from Milan and a mate from Sicily. The research went deep – trying cannoli all around Sicily, training from the best pastry chefs in small towns that tourists would never find. The result is a unique and sublime pastry, filled with a silky smooth ricotta that is not ultra-traditional, but preferred everywhere we’ve looked.

That dough with lashings of sweet marsala, a touch of cinnamon and layered to give an ultra-light, shatter in your mouth texture is something that has come from years of obsession to find the perfect recipe and process. And the only filling to balance that unique shell would be the smoothest of smooth ricotta. Locally sourced, fresh and handmade. Precision, perfection and performance – is something that we say often at Biancolatte!

Our flavours have changed over the years as we like to keep it fairly traditional. Our classic ricotta carries the aroma of a hint of lemon zest, while pistacchio (made with a little added honey) hits all the right notes, and our latest addition by popular demand – chocolate – is made with the finest belgian dark chocolate of course.

Just like our gelato, quality ingredients and passion for process is what separates these cannoli from the rest. The best part is you can now ORDER ONLINE for pick up at Elwood or delivery from Williamstown. Grab the kit (pipe yourself to keep that shell super crisp) or simply a box to share at a picnic or after dinner – these are the perfect sweet treat to enjoy at any time of the day! 

Ciao and see you soon x