Apparently, we have had a lot of requests for rum and raisin gelato lately. And we think this is an absolutely fantastic idea – so THAT’S why we went ahead and made something completely different – a special we call ‘liquori-misu!’ I think even we’re baffled as to what happened (we will make rum and raisin we promise!) but before we knew it, liquorice had turned into coffee and then into coffee, mascarpone & liquorice. If the curiosity factor doesn’t entice you (and it should) think of warm coffee with sweet aniseed tones – it will surprise you!

This week has also seen the end of an old favourite as we hang up our cold brew coffee banner and replace it with a newer version called mocha cheesecake. We’ve combined our cold brew coffee with luscious Italian mascarpone and swirled through a choc crumble crunch. It was so popular when we had it on as a special flavour a few months ago it sold out in a day! We hope you enjoy it.

Ciao and see you soon x