What a joy to be back in 2022 doing what we LOVE! With our fleet of gelato carts forced into hibernation for a couple of years it has been such a pleasure to dust them off, shine them up, and roll them out at so many weddings, parties and events over the last couple of months!

While we aren’t quite back to pre-pandemic madness we are definitely out in full force serving our authentic Italian gelato to hundreds of events over the last few months! And it looks like you guys are unstoppable with bookings filling up FAST for the 2022/2023 wedding season 🙂

If you’re looking to give your guests a dessert they will absolutely LOVE please please please get in contact with us as early as you can for your event! We can often squeeze in some last minute bookings but we do turn down so many too as our calendar fills up quickly!

In the meantime Elwood has been buzzing over the summer months and we’d like to thank everyone who has waited patiently in the queue for your gelato, cakes and cannoli! 

See you soon! x