fathers day


Dads. Just…how do you make dad feel special? He’ll tell you he doesn’t really want anything cos he’s already got all the things he wants. Either that, or that he wants a yacht so…well, maybe next year dad? To be honest every year when I was little I used to get my dad socks. He always appreciated it, I think. I mean, every now and then you have to top up your sock supply somehow right? But surely we can do better. I mean – dads, you know!

Anyway, whatever dad tells you he wants (or doesn’t want) – a special treat is always in the realm of possibility. We’ve had a think and decided dad would love some honeycomb straciatella (choc chip) gelato, ‘or’ a box of cannoli, ‘or’ a 6 pack of Italian donuts, ‘or’ a focaccia genovese filled with salsa verde, ricotta and mortadella. I used the word ‘or’ but what I really mean is ‘and’. That’s just how it is on father’s day!

All that would make an INCREDIBLE feast while you are out sailing on your imaginary yacht. Are we even allowed on yachts? That’s gotta count as exercise! In any case, we love you dads – happy father’s day to you all! X

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