We’ve been keeping something exciting under wraps for a few months now. Recipe testing, recipe test eating, more testing. Maybe we’ve all gone up one pants size. Okay two. But it was worth it! Definitely worth it.

Why? Because we’ve been working on a new project called ‘Biancolatte Bakes’. Think a morning selection of fresh bomboloni, handmade pastries and the star – the 24hr fermented Focaccia Genovese. 

Focaccia Genovese is a particular type of focaccia. In Italy there are plenty of yummy variations on focaccia. In Rome it’s a bit taller and called a ‘Pizza Bianca.’ In the south of Italy it might be softer and called a ‘Schiacciata’ and in Melbourne I’m sure we’ve seen versions of everything in between too!

But here, we’re talking about something original and very particular. Ask anyone from Genova – and believe us, we have been at their scrutiny – I mean, have been working together really really well – to come up with the absolute best for you guys.

It’s gotta be soft, it’s gotta be a bit chewy, it shouldn’t be too crispy underneath, it should be a bit crispy on top….less oil, more oil more…..more crisp again and wait for it….more SALAMOIA! (Salty, oily water). To anyone who bakes – it’s made with a low hydro dough – around 55%. No big holes here (except for the delightfully creamy deep pits created by the Salamoia) – the Focaccia Genovese has a little more bite than high hydro doughs and a lot of softness. You’ll see what we mean. It’s a focaccia steeped in tradition, done simply but done well. 

Now, about those bomboloni…

Biancolatte Bakes will launch on Saturday and Sunday mornings and lunchtime from Elwood – opening date TBA 😀 

See you soon! x