We know we can never say thank you enough times to you guys – our wonderful customers. But this is a thank you from the staff at Biancolatte and it goes out to the owners – Camille and Andy Di Fiore. From 15 staff just over a year ago – we are now just 5. 

Rewind 18 months. It’s 8pm on a Saturday night. The production kitchen is pumping, carts are leaving to go out for jobs, others are returning to restock and head out to the next event. We’re a team of 15 and the 7 on tonight are coming and going, checking schedules and churning out gelato, with 2 staff scooping down at Elwood. We are 500 events a summer strong. There’s activity, laughter and life. We’re tired, but we know why.

Since then, we’ve seen the lights go almost completely out. The community is rallying behind Elwood (and now Williamstown!) – for this we are so grateful. But it’s a fight to survive. The few of us still here have watched as Andy and Camille cut their own salaries virtually to zero. We watch the heartbreak and we are part of it.

Biancolatte is more than a food business. We are a family. We show up to work – we laugh. We argue, pat each other on the back, throw our arms up in defeat and show up again the next day revitalised. We always sit down for a meal together. Sometimes we cry. But we take the wins together, and the losses too.  

And so we thank you – Andy and Camille – for not giving up, for not compromising on the quality of our product. For standing at the Queen Vic Market 10 years ago selling your first gelato, and finding your way out of that corner. We are grateful to be part of this whacky, funny and beautiful team. Here’s to the next 10 years, whatever it brings.