One Kind Gesture

It’s Friday night. You’re home, dreaming about a sunny beach and suddenly –  you feel like gelato. Sure it’s freezing but the lure of the sweet treat gets the better of you. It’s been a rough week after all and you deserve it! Hoodie on, you wander down the street and pop in for your favourite flavour. Only to find – wait what? Somebody paid for your scoop. Who? The person before you! Seriously…why would someone do that?!

Here’s why – it’s a nice thing to do! Because we need more of that in our lives. Because that’s the kind of future we want for ourselves. The kind of world we want our kids to grow up in. When someone in your community – for no reason at all – pays ahead for you. THAT is one kind gesture, so welcome to ‘pay it forward’!

This week, on all our take-away wraps you’ll find a small token that you can use to ‘pay it forward’ for the next customer. You’ll also find the tokens to purchase in store. Leave your first name in case they want to say thanks in an insta story that we’ll repost for you to see. 

Our community is our biggest strength and we think – why not. Buy someone an ice cream. A little kindness really can go a long way.